Fuji X100s

Occupying old homes in a hand-me-down neighborhood…on the fringe of the city…The Polish Triangle.

Simple two and three story wooden homes set in narrow lots enclosed by metal and wood fences.

The uniformed rows are broken at intersections by buildings housing a grocery store, saloon and maybe a drug store. One or two streets have businesses, combined homes and offices.

The interiors evoke the Old World, with holy pictures framed in gilt and polished wood.

The ethnic Roman Catholic church anchors it’s center.

"The old neighborhood isn't the old neighborhood any more. It's becoming standard people in the suburbs. There is a group of older Polish-Americans who are still living in the old neighborhood and it's not like it used to be, but they're pretending it is.  It's not really like that any more. There is ethnicity developing on different levels in different ways."